Inclusion Day Community Fair 10/26 _______

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CCC Plus Waiver Fact Sheet _______

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Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services
- Effective July 1, 2017 
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What is CCC Plus Waiver?
The Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) Plus Waiver [1915 (c)] provides care in the community rather than in a nursing facility (NF) or other specialized care medical facility. This new waiver combines Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction (EDCD) and Technology Assisted (TECH) waivers. 

Eligible Population
Individuals who: 
• Meet the NF level of care criteria (i.e., they are functionally dependent and have a medical nursing needs); or 
• Individuals who are dependent upon technological support and require substantial, ongoing skilled nursing care; and 
• The health, safety, welfare of the individual must be safely maintained in the home when the nurse or personal care aide is not present; and 
• Are determined to be at imminent risk of NF placement; and 
• Are determined that community- based care services under the waiver are the critical services that enable the individual to remain at home rather than being placed in a NF. 

Covered Services
• Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), includes Medication Monitoring
• Respite Services (Agency- and Consumer- Directed)
• Services Facilitation
• Transition Services 
• Adult Day Health Care
• Assistive Technology (AT)
• Environmental Modification (EM)
• Personal Care Services (Agency- and Consumer- Directed)
• Skilled Private Duty Nursing (RN and LPN) 

Waiver Enrollment
Local and hospital screening teams conduct screenings and assess the individual prior to the provision of services. 

Service Limitations
• Respite – 480 hours per fiscal year
• EM - $5,000 per individual per State fiscal year
• AT - $5,000 per individual per State fiscal year
• Private Duty Nursing – cannot exceed more than 112 hours per week 
• Transition Services - $5,000 per individual per lifetime    

Reimbursement Rates 
Waiver reimbursement rates can be found on the DMAS website at: 

Regulatory Basis: 12VAC30-120-900 et seq.; 12VAC30-120-1700 et seq. 

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program workshops _______

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VAIL will be hosting Chronic Disease Self-Management Program workshops Wednesdays March 22 - Apr 26 from 1:30 - 4:00pm. Call VAIL to register: 540-433-6513.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) is designed to empower adults to better manage their chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain and heart disease with the goal of giving individuals confidence and skills to allow them to actively manage their health care and reduce unnecessary visits to the Emergency Department or the physician(s).
Each workshop meets 2.5 hours once per week for six weeks (total of 15 hours). Workshops are restricted to between 10 and 16 participants to facilitate and encourage group sharing and support. Trained leaders facilitate these workshops designed to assist participants with acquiring information and improving skills related to fatigue management, better breathing, healthy eating, medication usage, positive thinking, how to work more effectively with your health care provider and other useful techniques.
One of the major benefits for those who attend the workshops is the support that is available from other community members coping with similar issues.
Workshops are based on a program originally developed by Stanford University that has been tested over the past decade to assure that it is effective.

Spirit Nights at Jalapeno _______

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Jalapeno Southwest Grill will be hosting GroupRaise spirit nights in support of VAIL.
When you purchase your meal, mention VAIL and follow the restaurant's instructions to receive 15% of your meal's price donated.

Come support VAIL from 4-9pm on April 6 at Jalapeno Southwest Grill - 1039 Port Republic Rd, Harrisonburg.

Come support VAIL from 4-9pm on April 18 at Jalapeno Southwest Grill - 418 N. Main St, Bridgewater.

PreVAIL 20.1 ______

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Now Accepting Insurance Bids ______

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Valley Associates for Independent Living, Inc. (VAIL) is currently accepting bids for organizational liability insurance and employee health insurance.  Please contact to receive specifications.  Bids must be received by March 17, 2017 to be considered by the board of directors.

Now Hiring! ______

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VAIL is not currently hiring at this time, but please check back periodically
to see if you can become a part of our wonderful team!

PreVAIL 19.4 ______

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Arctic Dip _______

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Iconic summer destination, Shenandoah Acres Family Campground, invites the Valley community for an off-season dip in the lake to benefit your local independent living center, VAIL. The 2017 VAIL Arctic Dip will be held Saturday February 18th. Participant and Team check-in will begin at 1pm. Register online, beginning December 1st, at

Pledge fundraising is encouraged and prizes will be awarded to top fundraisers. There is a minimum pledge of $25 to participate Dippers who raise $75 or more will receive a souvenir t-shirt! Enjoy warm beverages and a toasty bonfire, with vending by Mama's Caboose food truck. Veteran Dipper, Q101's Brandy on the Radio will return to host VAIL's most exhilarating fundraiser of the year. 

      Join the Facebook Arctic Dip page for updates and to share your goal with supporters!  

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Now Hiring! _______

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Program Support Specialist (posted 11/17/16)

 Valley Associates for Independent Living, Inc (VAIL) is hiring for a part time/full time position for a Program Support Specialist.  This position is being offered as both part and full time to allow for maximum flexibility in attracting the right candidate(s).  Duties include compliance with data entry to meet state, federal, and other requirements, record keeping activities, assist all other staff as needed, greet visitors, provide information & referral, typing, filing, and answering telephone.  This staff member is responsible for managing the equipment recycling program.  This individual will also provide one-on-one independent living skills training with individuals in their homes and in the community.  Reports directly to the Executive Director.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • The Program Support Specialist must possess administrative experience as well as experience with individuals with disabilities living in the community and/or work experience in the field of independent living.  An Associates or Bachelors degree in a human services profession is preferred.
  • Previous experience should include working knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, databases, and web-based applications.
  • Safe and reliable vehicle to meet the duties of this position.  Clear driving record and adequate vehicle insurance.


Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

  • Working knowledge of services for people with disabilities and the independent living philosophy
  • Working knowledge of durable medical equipment
  • Knowledge of existing public and private resources for people with disabilities
  • Ability to utilize the telephone, internet, fax, copier, and email
  • Ability to access information and resources
  • Ability to communicate effectively with individuals both in person and in writing
  • Ability to comprehend and interpret a variety of documents including state and federal rules and regulations manuals
  • Ability to work independently and use independent judgment
  • Ability to deliver information, file, and maintain appropriate records
  • Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with businesses, other agencies, and funding sources
  • Ability to attend functions throughout the Commonwealth as needed
  • Strong organizational and writing skills


Submit cover letter and resume to

Individuals with disabilities encouraged to apply

Position open until filled

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